Saturday, December 16, 2006

Zoo Trip

Zoo Trip Dec 2006
Zoo Trip Dec 2006

We went to Auckland Zoo today with Amanda and Selena. Was lots of fun. Amanda turned up late (as usual :P). We drove out to Western Springs, somehow though Amanda managed to get lost on the way (despite us agreeing prior that she would follow our car to the zoo!). Really funny. It's exactly how I imagine Harriet would be if she could drive.

Anyway we got there about 2pm ish and went straight to the Zoo cafe (I think its called Darwin Cafe or something). Harriet and I ordered some food while Sophia and Selena sat in their prams stuffing their faces with marmite sammies! Those babies can really pack it in!!!

When we finished eating I thought hey, it might be a good idea to get Sophia out of her pram and walking round. NOT!!! We didn't manage to get her back into it until we were heading home. Its all good, I think she was having fun. She kept going up to random kids trying to make friends. I think the older kids were a bit taken back by this lil baby trying to befriend them.

We saw kangaroos, Ostrich's, Pecock's, Meerkats, Heaps of birds, Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs, Elephant's, Hippo's, Giraffe's, Zebra's, and more... Unfortunately we didn't get to see everything as the Zoo closed at 5:30. Bummer. We will have to go back some time.

Should also go back to Western Springs for a picnic sometime. I used to love going there as a kid. Great opportunity for sophia to chase some ducks (and for some cocky ducks to chase her!!!).

Home now. We all tired and a bit grumpy, but it was a good day overall...

Good evening all

P.S. Yes Claire im wearing the t-shirt you gave me, and yes Jason im wearing your watch (still annoyed at you about that btw, you're lucky I like you :)

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dez said...

Hey JT,

Great to hear from you. :)

I went to the Zoo too! But during November, and funnily enough, one of my friend (by the way she was 19), hopped on to the same elephant lil Sophia was on. Haha..

Take care dude, and have a very Merry Christmas with Harriet and Sophia!