Friday, December 22, 2006

XMAS Holiday!

So ends today, the first day of my XMAS holidays. Only 3 more weeks to go :)

I tell you, it is well deserved too. We have been so busy at work over the last week, like you wouldnt believe. I was off queue Tuesday (afternoon), Wednesday, and Thursday doing some project work. Joe and myself at work had to change a little over 800 DSL port profiles. For those of you who have no idea what that means, it translates to a lot of hard work! Esp over 3 days. So I'm a bit mentally worn out and my wrists are a bit sore from all the typing. I have been doing wrist exercises and micropauses and getting my posture right and stuff so I'm doing surprisingly well today.

Went christmas shopping at St Lukes today with Mary, Harriet and Sophia. I know what you're thinking, shopping with 3 women, ARRRRRR!. Nah it was all good. Harriet and I were very productive with our shopping, thats why I love her she can move quick when necessary.

Sophia loved it too. She ate a whole lot of noodles in the food court, rode on one of those little carosel rides, and ran round the centre yelling and touching stuff. I took Soph off to the toy section in Farmers as well which was funny. She ran round the isles in circles trying to touch as many toys as she could. I settled on getting her this neat little fisher and price singing train thinggie. So much for me buying her a new book for christmas!

To those of you who we didnt and couldnt afford to get gifts, we're sorry but we love you all and are thinking about you and hoping you all have a happy and safe christmas. Take comfort though because already we have one ungrateful person that we shouldnt have bothered getting anything for! :)

Til Next Time
- Jonathan

P.S. I promise I will get Harriet posting her thoughts on this thing. Just got to teach her how to use it. Good things take time :)

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