Saturday, December 9, 2006

Birthday Weekend

Telecom Christmas Party

It's Saturday night now. We've had an eventfull two days off. Had the telecom xmas party last night which was awesome, mainly becase I got to hang out with the people I work with outside of work which is great because they're really cool people. We went with Lizz and Jason. They have been great to us, really true friends. I will be sad to see them leave for Tasmania next friday, but will make the effort to visit them in Taz sometime next year! Prashilla was completely tanked as well which as usual is a great laugh, she gets into a mix of cute and randy :)

We left Sophia at Mary's which was good. Mary took her to her own work xmas party which was great as it sounded like Soph had a really good time. She was an absolute shite today. I dont know why. Maybe grandma lets her run wild when we're not there!

This morning we went to St Lukes with Tsz to do some pre xmas window shopping. So many people to get things for! After that we had to rush to the airport to pick up Harriet's cousin Tom. We waited two hours for him but its all good. It was great to see him again, its been a year. After we all went back to Mary's to have dinner.

Tomorow is my birthday. Horray! .... umm, well not quite. Another year older, yipee...

Anyway, sleep now. Have work in the morning.


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