Monday, December 11, 2006

Birthday Day

Yay! As of yesterday 23 years of age. Phew! Feel old now... Not as old as Harriet tho :)

Had to work on my birthday, but it was ok. Lizz pulled me off queue for most of the day so it was a stress free day (Have I said she's awesome lately? :).

Unfortunately my sinuses are playing up again. It's so bad, everytime I blow my nose it instantly fills up again. Going to the hospital to see a specialist soon for it. Just have to make it through December and start of Jan and hopefully they will be able to fix it or at least make it better. I'm taking too many sick days because of it.

Anyway, afterwards Harriet, bubs, and I went to mums for birthday dinner. My uncle Hans and cousin Rudi were there and Rudi brought his gf (sorry dude, I have no idea how to spell her name but you know who I mean). So we ate and had cake and talked and laughed. Was good. Made me forget about wanting to keel over with sickness.

I took today off from work. Was way too out of it to be useful. Sux, I had a lot to do too.

Tomorow's another day.


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